Best Walking Boots Reviews

Walking boots are all about the comfort of your feet while walking for the long distance. A good pair of shoe is the ultimate comfort for the traveler. It provides the support to go to the long distance, avoid the foot and legs pain as well as don’t let you feel tired.

Best Walking Boots Reviews

There are three kinds of walking boots:

Best Walking Boots Reviews

Light weight boots:

The walking boots also come in the light weight category. The weight of light weight boots vary from 1 to 3 pound per pair. These are ideal for those who look for the light weight shoes.

Mid weight boots:

These come in the weight of 2-4 pounds. These are medium in the weight perfect for the average people.

Heavy weight boots:

The heavy weight boots range from the weight of more than the 5 pounds.

Features of walking boots:
Best Walking Boots


The walking shoes must be strong enough to bear the obstacles of the trekking area. They must possess the features like durability and hardness. Because if the shoe break whiles you trek then it could be embarrassing as well can create more problems to the trekkers. The shoes must possess the good gripping system. 

All season comfort:

The shoe must provide the comfort to the feet in all weathers. It must have moderate effect for all the weathers.


The shoes must possess the quality of being waterproof. The waterproof shoes are ideal to walk in the mud and during the rainy season. 

Perfect fit:

The fitting is the major aspect of the walking shoes. The shoes which you wear must have the proper fitting to your feet so that you can walk with an ease.

Proper breathing:

The shoes must have the ventilation and must be airy. So that you can easily relax your feet in the shoes and don’t feel the suffocation to the feet.
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